terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

The sound of it

This is something that deserves to be write in english. That´s because someone deserved.

The red curtains have opened. The theatre begins.

The characters are so far away from each other but that didn´t hinder the show to go on. And it just goes on.
The music was shining the moves, everything was sound, everything was life, everything were them. Can you hear it?

He had appeared like someone who appearead from nowhere, harmless to her. He wooed for the ladies hands with an inviting gesture.
They could dance together, behind the sights, for all night long.

How guess the destiny tricks?

Her crazy things, the nightly roundabout of a taxi one, italian cappuccino desires in the dawn, beautiful day at night. Lots of laughs. All the world around were making sense in a second fraction.

She gone, he after her.
Because the music couldn´t stop.

The wine glasses were watching them behind the candle lights. They were closer. The moonlight was blessing their words, blowed through the wind. The view was magnificent. Everything was magical at that moment.

But like in all the Shakesperian tragedies, he leaves lefting only the roses like her bridesmaid. But her toughts couldn´t leave him. It was done. She was missing his hands, his mouth, his perfume. The perfume of his skin was not there, only the roses one. But that wasn´t enough.

Weird was that were no masks.
And the music couldn´t stop.

And, then, the curtains closed.

But not for long time, I hope.

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Anônimo disse...

Filha querida,

Espero que você tenha vivido isso. Momentos mágicos são a essência da vida. E, se for assim, que a peça continue ainda que em outro teatro, em outro momento e com outro enredo. Como essa história de reabrir as cortinas é um vício recorrente de nosso universo, talvez até mesmo com um outro ator. E que escreva suas peças.

Gosto mais em português. Melhor que não traduza nunca. Pareceria uma injusta explicação de si mesma. Nas palavras de Montello: Quem se exlica, se diminui.

Fiquei feliz que tenha mantido o blog, apesar do computador.



miguel disse...

Meu linda Sarah

I think you writing is absolutely ecstasize. You capture the moments and make them even more beautiful with your words.
I can still hear the sound, see the stars and taste the roses. When I read your text I always feel like opening a spell bound bottle - it straight feels like being there again. I hope to add a lot of good moments like this to this play ... fill the bottle up. Life a life less ordinary...

- Miguel